The world wasn’t created with borders

Imagine needing a passport or a stamp for talking to your parents or your significant other. Imagine needing it to enter your friends’ house for dinner. Imagine needing it to make a business transaction.

Borders, bureaucracies, divisions, religion, languages, have all come to exist because humans evolved in groups. Racial features (eyes, hips, body structures, eyes, etc.) vary because of breeding of certain groups’/areas’ members among themselves. This is why isolated islands have diseases and physical features specific to them. Their bodies may not even have immunity against the diseases that our bodies can easily handle.

Despite the natural order, we started bringing about changes that ultimately benefitted us in many positive ways. The advent of medicine and vaccines vastly improved our life expectancies and the quality of our lives. We went about augmenting our intelligence with computers and devices that can store data and perform computations like nobody’s business.

Why is it then, that despite all of these active transformations initiated by us in all of these fields, we have yet to begin turning the civilization into a global one. Some might argue that rapid changes happen when they benefit the consumers or the businesses of the world. Let me make some points then:

  • A global civilization will have a centralized set of rules and regulations that would make business easy and standardized across the world.
  • Easy accessibility to worldwide customers is always a plus.
  • A unified tax collection structure removes any dissatisfaction among the citizens of the world.
  • Removal of redundancy in efforts towards space exploration and other innovations.
  • Never will we need any extradition laws since the laws across the world are the same.
  • Travel becomes easier and tourism thrives.
  • The world gets to democratically choose a single world government with representatives from all regions.
  • Unified world army. No wars over territory and other conflicts.
  • Reduced racism, happier people, no immigration issues.

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